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2022: the Wilderness


The wilderness is an emotional place. It can make me feel small and insignificant, full of awe and wonder, unconsolably mournful and hopeless, and inspired and infused with energy.  The days I spend in nature seem to be the most consequential and meaningful ones of my life, not only because I am surrounded by beauty, peace and grandeur, but also because I am devoid of the trivial distractions and noise that otherwise consume me. It is in the wilderness where I feel most free, most like myself, and most rich. Rich with experiences, with emotions, with beauty - the essence of what I consider to be a meaningful life. 

These photos were taken in wilderness areas in California and Utah last summer. These trips were turbulent, incredible experiences that each gave me lessons about myself and my relationship with the wilderness I was in. They are a distillation of the experiences, emotions and beauty I discovered last summer. Thank you for reading and looking!

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